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When I was a child, my grandfather ran a small restaurant. He would pick me up early in the morning and together we would make short trips to local farmers where my grandad would select the freshest of produce and haggle with the farmers on price.

Sometimes my grandfather would travel across the border to neighbouring Mediterranean countries and on his return he would practise new recipes he learnt during his travels. Together we would sit to try the new dishes before introducing them to the restaurant.


While we acknowledge that Mediterranean cuisine is vastly ranged, at its core the principles are the same, fresh and healthy seasonal produce cooked simply and elegantly. We sleeted some of the most delicious dishes from around the Mediterranean to bring to you, hot and cold Mezza from Lebanon and Syria, grilled skewers from Turkey, selected tapas from Spain, sophisticated tagine from Morocco, freshly baked Levant bread from Palestine and Israel, and delightful French sea food and bakes. We look forward to welcoming you to Veranda.